Automate Your Social Media: Time Saver

Social media platforms are all about keeping up with friends, family, customers and sharing information, updates and photos. They can help and assist us boost business. But posting in multi-accounts can be time-consuming. 

Publer offers a solution to this problem. This social media software makes life easier for Facebook users, freelancers, social media managers and Facebook page administrators. Its full-featured content manager feature benefits big and small organizations or businesses.

Based on the facts, Publer is a virtual scheduling tool that allows you to collaborate, schedule & analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business. 

As I have started to create a task under Publer, I observed that it’s very easy to use and handy.

In the Create field, I was able to format the content the way I wanted it to be. Inserting emojis and formatting bold or italics are also available.It was a user-friendly tool.I was glad that it has a saved Draft option for reviewing created posts purposes.

Besides basic manual scheduling, Publer can automatically schedule your posts for you based on a posting schedule you get to predefine content.

Just as we did, I suggest you check out Publer and learn more about it!

Terry Sacia

Terry Sacia

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