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Services & Products

ADA Section 508 Legal Compliance

Privacy Law Compliance

Every day there are new privacy scandals: too much data collected by web apps, sharing of data with third parties without consumer authorization, using your data for nefarious purposes or just plain old data breaches by some bored teenager. With so much going on in our businesses, what are we to do to keep up Privacy Law Compliance

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Search Optimization

Video Articles

Watch Your Customer Engagement Soar withVideo Yours Forever! Your customized video will not include any watermark seen here. The video is yours, ‘forever’ and you can use it to drive more business every day for the next 80 years! Meet “Karen” How Will Video Help Me? Meet “Karen” (don’t know who Karen is? Ask your Video Articles

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Complimentary vacations, Hotel Discounts, Dining Discounts Media – there are some images and videos (use smart video plugin to optimize)

Social Media Marketing

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